What is the economic impact of KOINA?

Are there any information eg. studies about the economic impact of a currency system as KOINA?

Indeed a very interesting question which is very difficult to answer. The reason for this is that mathematically dynamic, creative and adaptive processes with so many variables are not predictable. Nevertheless, we are developing a software tool specifically for the KOINA monetary system since all parameters of KOINA are known. This enables us to run precise calculations on e. g. multiple credit cycles and the currency flows. It is important to simulate the currency which helps to adjust parameters if necessary. Helpful tools in that regard are e. g. LM3 or SFC-Modeling. The results out of these simulations can be used to compare the KOINA system with an existing one. But even existing systems cannot be simulated for the above mentioned reason. One approach is the so called economic confidence model. In order to provide some assumptions to the public we are actively seeking the support of universities.

Link to Wikipedia: SFC https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stock-Flow_consistent_model



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