What is a KOINON?

In the framework graphic you mention KOINONS (local communities). What exactly is a KOINON?

Basically, the KOINA Federation is a federation of KOINONS. A KOINON can be an existing community like a business association, a canton or even a virtual community. Similar to national states, KOINONS can have different cultural norms, religious principles or legal conditions that have to be met. Every KOINON is based on the same fixed set of KOINA rules e. g. the KOINA creation mechanisms or the techno-legal framework. Above all, the decentralized structure of the KOINA system allows certain modifiable rules which can be determined by each KOINON. That approach copes with the tendency to organize societies more notion based than territory based.

Koinon (Greek: Κοινόν, pl. Κοινά, KOINA), meaning "common," in the sense of "public," had many interpretations, some societal, some governmental. The word was the neuter form of the adjective, roughly equivalent in the governmental sense to Latin res publica, "the public thing." Among the most frequent uses is "commonwealth," the government of a single state, such as the Athenian. Frequent in the historical writings was a sense of "league" or "federation" an association of distinct city-states. As government of a league, Koinon comprised such functions as defence, diplomacy, economics, and religious practices among its member states. The word was carried over to other political associations in mediaeval and modern Greek history.” (Wikipedia 2015).

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koinon


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