Blockchain/smart contract expert

06/07/2016 07:15:00

Job Description

KOINA creates a platform that fuels the decentralized economy revolution with blockchain and smart contract technology. Our framework highly relies on a Distributed Application Platform and uses DApps, multiple blockchains and smart contracts. We are building a techno-social system that is powerful enough to replace traditional corporations in several ways on different levels.

Your job will be to develop API's, DApps, smart contracts and private blockchains/smartchains. Our ideal candidate is comfortable with the development of decentralized applications as well as the concepts and tools necessary to interface with cryptographic currencies. You must be motivated by challenging problems and capable of rapidly prototyping potential solutions.


Preferred Qualifications:

  • MS or PhD in Computer Science or Math
  • Experience in designing and implementing software systems in JacaScript, C++ and/or GO
  • Python experience is also welcome