What is KOINA?

The heart of the KOINA system is the KOINA money. KOINA is basically a credit network and KOINA credits are created by a delivery promise into the future from producers to the KOINA community. The underlining principle is a unilateral/social contract (one2all) instead of a bilateral contract (one2one). KOINA is a debt-free, positive monetary system.

Smart money

The guidelines defined by the KOINA rule set as well as multiple monetary features are executed automatically. Due to the specific currency architecture, the KOINA monetary system is inflation-free and its money mass is elastic. KOINA are issued decentrally by producers and hence no central institution is required.

Smart contracts

KOINA is based on several smart contracts and one social contract which defines collective rules that constrain the behavior of the members of this community in such way as to protect each of them, while also benefiting the KOINA Federation as a whole. These rules may only be changed by the community.

Smart economy

A smart economy not only is networked but furthermore sustainable and collaborative by design, serving all of its market participants, whilst balancing limited resources with human needs. KOINA‘s innovative techno-social monetary system provides the element for sustainable value creation.

Monetary System

KOINA producer credits are a unique financing instrument that provide liquidity to the KOINA market.

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Products financed with KOINA will be available on this innovative geo-local marketplace around the world.

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General information

    Coin name
  • Coin symbol
  • KNA
    Trading symbol
  • 1 KOINA / 10 KOINA / 100 KOINA
    0,1 KOINA = 10 KATO
  • Celtic guardian angel / greenman
    (responsible for balance between humans and nature)
  • KOINA = Common in Greek
    Company name