Our Team

Daniel Neis

CEO | Co-Founder

Mervyn G. Maistry

Business Advisor
Business Consultant

Taulant Ramabaja

System Architect

André Wolke

Technical Advisor
System Architect

Jens Martignoni

Currency Advisor
Innovation Manager

About us

How can we accept that mankind is seriously damaging this beautiful planet and endangering our future just for profit and nothing is done about this on a big scale? One of the main reasons for this development is our debt-based monetary system which promotes a feudalistic economy and incentivises more share holder values. This is why we set out to take action and started to build a positive monetary system that promotes a sustainable economy and incentivises more social values. Since we are convinced that in the future certain technologies and most notably communities will have a game-changing influence on society, we structured KOINA as a decentralized, federated system. Our team consists of passionate changemakers supported by many experts and co-workers from around the world, whose collective goal is to really provoke a change into a sustainable economy...