Commercial money - issue your own credit!


We feel responsible to significantly contribute to the global transformation process into a sustainable economy! Therefor KOINA is building up a sustainable monetary system that serves this public purpose.


KOINA enables producers to issue credit which allows them to finance their future production independently. Our goal is to establish a global credit network with its own market-specific currency to generate a homogeneus market.


The fundament of the KOINA compliant techno-legal framework is a social contract. The system is powered by a proprietary smartchain. This combination permits the operation of the credit network and allows businesses to use KOINA.

KOINA Federation Framework


Service Providers

who want to offer useful services for the KOINA network: e. g. a bank offering FX, an insurance covering a specific network risk etc.


who want to build this system in cooperation with us: e. g. FinTechies, software developers, currency experts, e-/m-commerce specialist etc.


or communities who want to be first mover and/or test the system and to give us feedback or submit their ideas of optimization while we are building the system.


who are interested in a new asset class and a game-changing project that provides enriching social values rather than share holder values!


The KOINA AG was funded by its co-founders. Investment proposals for the next financing round in Q3/2015 will be out soon...

12% Funding